Stepper motor application industry

Non-standard machinery

Medical equipment winding machine welding machine spraying machine ceramic printing machine battery winding machine crystal grinding machine packaging machine PCB drilling machine strap drilling machine computer flat knitting machine textile machinery zipper automatic foam mechanical inkjet machine medical equipment hosiery mechanism shoe machine ATM Machine spraying equipment welding equipment lathe milling machine bag making machine sealing and cutting machine trademark printing machine trademark cutting machine inkjet plotter machine photo machine logistics equipment LED equipment sorting machine braiding machine solid crystal machine aluminum wire welding machine SMT equipment vertical packaging machine ceramic packaging machine POS machine gem drilling machine gem grinding machine game machine

Three-dimensional platform

CNC lathe CNC milling machine Dispenser Engraving machine Flame cutting machine Planting machine Projector Secondary element, three coordinate measuring instrument

Laser equipment

Laser cutting machine laser welding machine laser marking machine laser imagesetter

Wire processing equipment

Terminal machine

Battery equipment

Winder battery labeling machine

Printing Equipment

Trademark cutting machine labeling machine bronzing machine printing machine

For example:

Low speed equipment


The dispenser is mainly used for trajectory movement of the products to be processed through the XY platform. When dispensing, the speed is relatively low, so this equipment requires relatively high frequency vibration and noise for the stepper motor. This equipment is generally used in a relatively quiet environment, and the accuracy requirements for dispensing are relatively high. If there is a problem of processing vibration, the processing effect will definitely be poor, so our stepper motor is applied to this equipment. The effect is better.

Similar equipment includes: laser cutting machine, test equipment, test equipment, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, jig.

Low speed and high speed equipment

Engraving machine

In addition to the smooth nature of low-speed machining, the engraving machine should also feature high-speed machining. It is particularly difficult if both a stepper motor and a driver have both of these characteristics. General stepper motors and drives are difficult to achieve. For example, the stability of three-phase will be better, but not high-speed, it is difficult to meet customer requirements. Major customers: Wenzhou Golden Eagle and so on.

Similar requirements for equipment include: solid crystal machine, aluminum wire welding machine, coordinate measuring instrument, tape machine, sorting machine, etc.

Post time: Apr-28-2019
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